KAV Creamy Smoothie mix

Versatile frappe mix

Highly versatile Vanilla Smoothie powder. Can be blended into a fruit smoothie, a Frozen Vanilla Shake or a classic vanilla milkshake.

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Creamy Smoothie Mix

Foodservice: Large can 6 x 1360 kg Item No: 3620 Foodservice: Large pouch 8 x 1500 kg Item No: 3612

About the product

KAV’s Creamy Smoothie Vanilla Mix is the perfect choice for the professional kitchen, where ease and versatility are crucial. This powder is created with care to ensure that you can easily prepare various Frappe drinks and cater to diverse preferences in your menu. Additionally, it has a long shelf life and is easy to store.

Our Creamy Smoothie Vanilla Mix is ideal for creating delicious fruit smoothies, Frozen Vanilla Frappes, or classic vanilla milkshakes. With this powder, you don’t need to worry about juggling various ingredients—it’s a convenient and reliable solution that ensures consistent quality in all your Frappe drinks. The simplicity of use makes this powder an invaluable resource in the busy professional kitchen, where efficiency and quality are key.

Create a wide range of delicious drinks with the rich vanilla flavor that’s ready to impress your customers and make your café the preferred choice for Frappe enthusiasts. Explore new creative possibilities by crafting your unique recipe or signature Frappe using the Creamy Smoothie Vanilla Mix as a base. Make your café the destination for refreshing and flavorful Frappe drinks, standing out from the competition with your signature Frappe.


Sugar, maltodextrin, coconut oil, WHEY protein, flavouring, vanilla extract 3%, stabilizer: (E412), MILK protein, antioxidant: (E340), emulsifier: (E471, & E322 (SOY lecithin)), salt.

Nutritional content per 100g

Energie 1862 kJ / 443 kcal Fett 15 g – davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 13 g Kohlenhydrate 72 g – davon Zucker 53 g Ballaststoffe 0,00 g Protein 5,2 g Salz 0,74 g


Blend the powder with cold water and plenty of ice cubes. Blend until it has the consistency of slush ice. Add fruit or other flavoring if desired.

  • Can be used in slush ice machines
  • Can be used as a Frappe base
  • Can be used as a Milkshake base
  • Can be used as a Smoothie base

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