About KAV Denmark

KAV Denmark represents the Danish branch of KAV America. Located in Espergærde, North Zealand, KAV Denmark is operated by the same team that has been instrumental in establishing the well-known brand, Miss Bagel.

Since 2001, KAV Denmark has been dedicated to importing, distributing, and delivering KAV America’s products to food service businesses in the Nordic region. Our unique flavor profiles and designs are developed in close collaboration with KAV America, and we constantly strive to enhance our flavor variations and create new, exciting taste experiences.

Dive into our world of instant beverages, where taste and convenience converge. Let us take you on a culinary journey. Welcome to KAV America, where every sip is a unique flavor experience, and every moment matters.

About KAV´s product range

The series of chai latte, iced coffee, cocoa powder, and smoothie mix share the commonality of being of premium quality and designed for the foodservice industry.

They are:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to store
  • Have a long shelf life
  • Come in a variety of flavors
  • Can be served both hot and cold
  • Can be used in slushie machines
  • Available in an organic version
  • Available in a vegan version
  • Are halal and kosher certified

The full range can be found here

Team KAV on Anuga 2023.

Team KAV

From our office in Espergærde, Denmark, we distribute all of KAV’s products throughout Europe, including our delicious chai latte and cocoa.

Our mission is simple: To deliver unique taste experiences to the foodservice industry. Experiences that are both of high quality and easy to handle and serve.

We are actively looking for new business partners in Europe and are happy to welcome new business partners.

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